We all experience that flood of panic in the final week before Halloween when you realize you haven’t come up with a costume. You’ve been so caught up in college apps, Dramafest, AP classes, or social drama that all of the clever costumes are taken. Then there’s the whole ordeal of having 100 creative costume ideas, but lacking time or funds to properly execute them to their full potential. Fear not, Roosevelt: We are here to save you in this crisis! Here are 6 last minute creative, entirely unique costumes that are sure to make you stand out in that annual costume contest:


#1 – Your favorite emoji:

All you need for this one is some black clothes, face paint, and perseverance. Paint your face to resemble your most used emoji. There are plenty of overenthusiastic YouTubers who can guide you in your transformation. Our personal favorites include the peach, laughy-cry face, and the money-tongue face. Or, you could go the extra mile and dress up like the salsa dancer or red backpack emoji.


#2 – Bowl of Fruit:

This one is a bit more structurally involved. Head on over to your local Joann’s and stock up on an assortment of plastic fruits, then proceed to glue them all over a mono-colored goodwill sweater or t-shirt. To keep your costume consistent, dress your head up as one giant piece of fruit to top off your collection. (We recommend a pear for it’s prominent stem top.)


#3 – Your favorite national monument:

Instructions for this one may vary depending on preference, however if you’re looking for a fun group costume to try with your friends, we suggest Mount Rushmore.


#4 – A twig:

We love this one because it’s rather adaptable. Just wear an all brown outfit (hat included, of course). This way, if you get bored throughout the evening, you can start telling people you’re the poop emoji instead (see idea #1). If you’re committed to the look, go to your local park for some real twig and leaf accessories to glue on as well.


#5 – Sexy Dust Bunny:

This look is an interesting twist on a timeless costume choice. Picture your classic House Bunny, but interchange all colors for grey. For an added bonus, check under your best friend’s couch and bed (because your home is spotless, of course), then glue your findings all over yourself.


#6 – Pike Place Fish Market:

Another fun group costume. Have a few friends dress up as the famous market fish throwers. Then, to steal the show, dress up as a fish yourself. For an interactive costume experience, have your fish-tossing-friends send you flying through the air down the halls of RHS. Bonus points for rolling in the puddles down around the fish market for an all around immersive costume.


Graphic By: Bethany Belina

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