Partnering with Bloodworks Northwest, National Honor Society is hosting a blood drive right here at Roosevelt. On Friday, Nov. 4, the little gym will be full of students who have graciously volunteered to donate.

All students that are able are encouraged to participate, although there are a few requirements to ensure that everything runs smoothly, especially since many are first time donors. Students must be 16 years old, have parent permission to donate, and must weigh at least 120 pounds. Unfortunately, that may eliminate many freshman and sophomores, but the rest are encouraged to come out if able.

For sophomore Ginny Peterson, these requirements are disappointing. “I have never donated blood before because I just recently turned 16, but I would really love to,” she says. She was originally very excited at the prospect of being able to help people out, but was unaware of the weight restrictions. Like many underclassmen, she hasn’t hit the weight minimum, and will be unable to participate this time around.

She’s sad that she isn’t able to, but encourages others to come out and give. “I think it’s a really kind thing to do because you’re helping someone else who needs it. It’s just a great, free way to give back to the community.” Students are being given the opportunity to help other people out, while only taking 30-45 minutes out of their day.

Whether it be a fear of needles or safety concerns, many students are more hesitant to donate. However, Northwest Bloodworks reassures students that “only sterile, disposable equipment is used throughout the donation process, which makes it virtually impossible to contract a disease from donating blood.”

This blood donation still must be taken seriously, especially when it comes to aftercare. Once you donate, the bandage must be left on for at least four hours and it’s highly encouraged to drink extra fluid afterword so that your body can replace what’s been lost. Bruising is normal and is expected to disappear on its own.

Once people have donated, “your blood could go to anyone with the same type of blood as you, except O-negative can go to all blood types. This could save the life of someone in a car accident or someone who has cancer. Really anyone who needs blood,” reminds Peterson.

Bloodworks Northwest and Roosevelt NHS were excited to see all the students that showed up. Once forms are filled out, students are invited to participate in this free, charitable event in Roosevelt’s little gym at a designated time throughout the day – and at one of the two other blood drives that will be hosted throughout the year.


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