Need service hours? Key club is a fantastic way to give back to the community, meet new people, and have tons of fun in the process. They connect students with local volunteer opportunities for whether they need volunteer hours to graduate, or simply want to help the community. The club meets right after school every Wednesday for around fifteen minutes in Mr. Katz’s classroom. Meetings typically consist of a brief powerpoint on upcoming events and how to sign up. Students with sports or other commitments who may not be able to attend meetings are still encouraged to sign up for volunteer opportunities and come during their off seasons.

Want to get involved right away? Key club volunteers at the University food bank every Thursday from 4-6pm. Holiday gift wrapping for the YMCA is starting up soon as well, and will take place every day at Northgate until Christmas Eve. Anyone can participate in these events, along with many others posted on the website, regardless of whether or not they are an official member. President Sophia Kelsey says that “This year key club may be getting involved with both DECA and Heifer International and the project being done through that club.” Community service opportunities will be available for this project and Kelsey states that “[she] would love to see the two clubs work together.”

Key club has taught students many things and helped develop new skills. “I have learned a lot about giving back to the community,” says Kelsey, “in the past I had volunteered but never really been able to see the difference I made behind the scenes. With some of key club’s events such as the University food bank we really get to help out and interact with people getting food at the bank.” By participating in hands on community service, club members are able to see the impact they have on the people benefitting from their work. Key club has also taught Kelsey, “communication and organization skills that have helped [her] in many other areas of life.”

Key club’s environment is very welcoming and they are always thrilled to see new people.“We are a big group but volunteering together brings everyone a lot closer than you might think,” says Kelsey. By joining, students not only have the opportunity to give back but also to become friends with people they may never have met had it not been for key club. Kelsey encourages everyone to participate: “We love to see new faces getting involved. Remember: everyone needs service hours to graduate!”

For more information, check out Key Club’s web page:


Photo By: Lidia Elala

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