NEWS FLASH: Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby?!

It was reported on Saturday, September 23rd 2017, that the 20-year old T.V. personality was reported by 2 sources close to the family that the youngest of the Karjenner clan is 4 months expecting. This news broke the internet in a matter of minutes and was all over social media and news outlets. If you were to check Instagram right now and tell me that there is nothing about Kylie’s pregnancy, I’d be shocked. I find it amusing how someone who might be pregnant can break the internet like that, when Kylie herself hasn’t even confirmed it yet. What has society come to? Is Kylie’s rumored pregnancy really more significant and important than other things that are happening in the world? For example, is it more important than the earthquake in Mexico City that killed more than 200 people, the hurricane in Puerto Rico that has led the whole island to not have any electricity or food, or the nuclear war that could potentially happen between North Korea and the U.S.? These events have an actual impact on people’s lives and are affecting people in either a physical, emotional, or psychological way. However, all people and social media really care about is if a 20-year old girl is pregnant or not, because that’s what really matters, right? What does that say about us as a society in general? It shows how much we care about these celebrities and how much they control our lives, that we don’t even have the time to  realize that people are suffering and that there might be political events that could lead to nuclear wars that kill many people. The entertainment industry has the power to take our attention from actual world events, and this power has been demonstrated by the attention of Kylie Jenner’s rumored pregnancy. Let me remind you that it’s rumored, meaning it’s not even been confirmed. What aren’t rumors are the world events that have been going on. So, the next time you decide to care about a news report or article maybe you could start by looking at the ones that are really impacting people’s lives and not just one girl who happens to have the Kardashians as her family.



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