Running a marathon is on almost every runner’s bucket list, and Seattleites are preparing for race day this thanksgiving weekend. Along with the full marathon, there is also a half marathon the same day. Some Roosevelt students have been training to run the half marathon on Sunday, November 29th, first with cross country and now on their own.

Since a half marathon can be a daunting task to many people, a group of Roosevelt students decided to set up a training schedule for the upcoming event. “We all get together after school in the locker room and talk about our days, and go run together,” explained sophomore Harriot Wright. Last year, a senior on the Roosevelt Cross Country team organized a training routine for the runners, and this year, some students decided to take on the responsibility in order to have a group of student competitors again. “We train five days a week. Mondays are cross training, Tuesday is a sprint workout usually, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we’ll do four to six miles, and Saturdays are the days we do longer runs,” detailed sophomore Kendall Barton. Some of the students have run in the half marathon before, but for others, it is a completely new experience. “Every weekend that we’re doing our long runs, it’s the furthest I’ve ever run, so it’s kind of exciting,” commented sophomore Connie Bernard. The training for the half marathon is all about distance and the runs are considerably longer than those the cross country team normally goes on.

As race day approaches, Roosevelt’s runners begin to set goals for themselves. Some of the more experienced competitors have times they hope to improve on, while the newcomers are heading into the race with a few objectives. “I was 1:54,” stated Wright, “I’m hoping to break 1:50.” As a first time runner for the half marathon, Bernard said, “I just want to stay with the people I normally run with, and not walk.” The group of Roosevelt students has a range of experience levels, but the training is intended to get all of them ready to enter the half marathon.

Training as a team for the half marathon has kept people motivated to compete again, or to run the course for the first time. “After the cross country season, the half marathon is the way to extend it and run and hang out with my friends,” added Barton. Most of the runners aren’t racing in the half marathon for the competition, but rather just as an opportunity to continue doing something they’re passionate about with other dedicated runners. Even though many of the runners are training for their most challenging race yet, they’re always sure to keep practice fun. “It is really serious because we run long distances every day, but we do it in a way that’s fun,” noted Bernard, “If I had to run alone, it would be really boring and definitely feel more serious, but since I’m with my friends, it just seems fun.”

Featured Photo: The training squad hits the track for their warm-up before they head out for their run. Photo by Allison Bullard

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