Adam Houston

Freshmen parents may be wondering what exactly is going on at Roosevelt after receiving this letter last week. In it, Principal Vance reveals as of now the amount of students disciplined for drug and alcohol use is double what it was this time last year. Shockingly, half of those students were freshmen.

Principal Vance cautions parents that although high school is filled with opportunities, “some of these experiences include drugs and alcohol.” Students may not be surprised by higher rates of drug use – empty in previous years, “Smoker’s Corner” has begun filling up again during lunch.

Could it be that legalization of marijuana has created a lax attitude towards drug use? Or, as senior Nolan Spring stated in an interview with Kiro TV, “schools go through cycles where they have good kids and bad kids.”

Whatever the cause, Roosevelt’s administration is taking an active hand in stopping this. They will be hosting a drug and alcohol awareness night on March 19 featuring Dr. Leslie Walker, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Children’s Hospital. In addition, the entire freshman class will be watching the film, “Recovery,” which follows three high school students and their experiences with drugs.

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  1. It is critical that any individual suffering from substance abuse is in a position to get an education in a
    drug free environment.

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