When walking between classes, Roosevelt students may have noticed posters advertising a new podcast. RiderCastPodcast is a two-man project by juniors Artiom Prodoua and Jacob Mann. “My LA teacher said that everybody loves my voice, so my teacher came up with the idea of making a podcast.” says Mann. “Artiom was the one who really took off with the idea.”  

“Mr. Von Pohle suggested that [Mann] should go on the radio because he has this magnificent voice and I thought, ‘why shouldn’t we make a podcast?’,” adds Prodoua. RiderCast is not Roosevelt’s first student-run podcast. Rider Radio, created last year by Hailey Stearns is no longer on air. “It wasn’t really a project that I was interested anymore,” says Stearns, “But I admire [Produoa and Mann’s] ambition and I wish them the best.” Though Prodoua explained that he did not know of Rider Radio at the time he created RiderCast, he still described his show as  “basically a spiritual successor” to the former podcast. “I don’t know much about it. I think it is lost in history,” he continued.

RiderCast consists of poetry, music, and the two hosts talking about anything from current events at Roosevelt to bacon. As advertised on their posters, Prodoua and Mann are asking for Roosevelt students to submit their own poetry and music to be featured on the podcast. The show has so far only featured an original poem by Prodoua, but there are plans to feature student poets in the near future. “We want to incorporate guests, not just the two of us sitting there in isolation.” says Prodoua. The show’s first student guest will appear on the upcoming episode, coming out around this time.

Other plans for the future of RiderCast include formalising the show somewhat. “We are planning on making a script for future episodes, because at this point it is very unplanned,” says Mann. Unplanned is a good way to describe the podcast. The majority of the show is just Prodoua and Mann bantering back and forth about Roosevelt-related things. “We are trying to be school-appropriate, but it’s been hard in the past two episodes, so we apologize for that,” says Prodoua. “Next episodes should more structured because we are working on the new script. We are getting more professional as we go.” So tune into RiderCastPodcast on iTunes and SoundCloud for discussions about the American dream, passionate expressions of admiration for Mrs. Ogburn, a live rendition of “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada, and as Prodous described it in episode two, “Just a nerd and a jock sitting here talking about life.”

Featured Photo: The new RiderCast is meant to help share Roosevlet’s voices. Photo by Ruby Hale

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