Once the halls started chattering with news of SAT scores being released, students turned to their family and friends to share the information. You may have killed the math and grammar sections and came out with the best score of your friend group, but do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend to share them with? You may feel down in the dumps about your score, but has your relationship status ever been more successful? See how the numbers correlate with the inner workings of your love life:

800 or lower: If you happened to score these numbers on the SAT, you are killing the dating game. When freetime presented itself, you probably opted for spending an afternoon picnic with your significant other rather than with your nose in a book full of practice tests. This not only results in a more stress-free environment, but a happy relationship. Your scores may be low, but after all, what’s better than a sunny picnic date?   

800-1000: With these scores, you should keep a close eye on your relationship status, because you may be sending your significant other some mixed signals. One weekend you’re off studying, the next weekend you’re free. Often times you tell your lover you want to hang out, and then quickly cancel when you start to think of how soon the SAT is approaching. They may begin to doubt themselves and even you.

1100-1300: Scoring these numbers on the SAT test is a great sign. But although you qualify for almost every college out there, have you ever been lonelier? In order to snag these scores you need to have invested in a private tutor and at least 3 SAT practice books, along with a strict studying schedule. This leaves absolutely no time for roses, no time for chocolates, and no time for dates. You may have just paved the way to your future, but a future all alone.  

1400-1600: If you are the type of person who does 4 types of extra curriculars, plays on 2  varsity team sports, and happens to get all As (including in AP physics), you definitely got this score on the SAT. This means that you are not only a freak of nature, but a sexy one at that. You probably get asked out everyday, and play hard to get, claiming that you have a marathon to run or you have a herd of puppies to go save. Your love life is the most action packed, with flocks of people swooning at your feet in the halls on a daily basis. If they don’t want to be you, they want to date you, and that just about covers everyone of the Roosevelt population.    


Graphic by: Maggie Udd

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