Amy Pelz

“Hey batter batter batter!”

We are well into baseball season, and our boys have been defending their home base better than Macaulay Culkin. Their current record is 5 wins, 7 losses, and slick hat hair. Varsity 11th
grader Henry Mullin was kind enough to share his experience with the team. When asked about the general vibe, he remarked, “Everyone has fun but there is also an intensity during practice and during games. There’s a sense of urgency now because we want to get into the playoffs.”

The baseball team is quite close and enjoy a cohesive team dynamic. While fantastic teammates
on the dirt, “We are also close off of the field. We have each others’ backs.” But besides that, mad skill carries this group. “That, along with the talent we have, makes us a good team.”

But it’s not all fun and games. Mullin adds that their challenges lie in, “being consistent and
confident. We have some games where we have ten hits and six runs, and others we have two hits and no runs. We need to come into every game knowing we are going to compete with what it takes to win.”

Looking forward, the Roughriders must win two of their last three games to get into the
playoffs. The pressure is coming to a head. Mullin is optimistic about our chances. “Once we get there, we are going to make a run!”

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